The perfect holiday retreat for your best friend!

An exclusive purpose built unit where your dog will enjoy a unique, fun & peaceful holiday.

As I have only a small number of kennels your dog will receive individual care & attention, plently of hugs & cuddles,he/she will spend as little time as possible alone.

Your dog will enjoy playing ball/frisbee & running in the garden, play, walks & companionship.


Set in the countryside, each kennel has a large outdoor run, the sleeping area is insulated, heated (if required) & fitted with a working smoke alarm.

I do not believe your dog should be miserable while you are enjoying your holiday! He should have a holiday too!


Home Boarding

Your dog(s) will be looked after in my home & treated as one of my own.

When you are away, you can leave your dog with me & I will care for him or her as you would yourself.

He will receive all of the attention and companionship that he is used to at home.


Kitty Care

I can also care for your cats while you are away, they will have their own large outdoor run, a Mr Snugs fully weather -proof, washable kitty kennel with bedding, litter tray & toys. Heat pads can be provided if required.


Small Animal Boarding

I will take care of your rabbits, hamsters, budgies etc. They will stay in their own cage, which will be kept indoors during the night & outside during the day (weather permitting) they can be given fresh fruit, vegetables & herbs from my garden.




Christmas, Boxing day & New Year supplement applies. Limited opening christmas eve & new years eve


* For all boarding / enquiries Business hours strictly apply weekdays 0900-1800hrs, saturday & sunday 10am-12pm. Strictly no pick up/drop off on bank holidays


* Pick up /drop off - by appointment only. If you know you are running late please let me know.


* 50% non refundable deposit required to secure booking.


* For all boarding proof of up to date vaccinations (including kennel cough) will be required for each stay. Whilst all dogs must be vaccinated against "Kennel Cough", the name is misleading, as the bacterium or viral strain involved does not only occur in kennels. It is air born & can be passed on anywhere that dogs are in close proximity with each other (e.g. parks, walks). Kennel Cough vaccines are not effective against all strains.

* No bitches on heat

* Rates are charged by the DAY and not by the NIGHT. The day of arrival counts as day one regardless of arrival time, if you pick up your dog before 11am on the day of departure you will not be charged for that day.